Complaints procedure

In overeenstemming met deze wet geven wij onze klanten de mogelijkheid om klachten kenbaar te maken

Complaints procedure

Handle with Care’s complaints procedure is based on the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act. In accordance with this law, we give our customers the opportunity to report complaints. We take these complaints with us to improve the quality of our care.

A complaint

Are you not satisfied with the care and services you receive from Handle with Care, the way you are approached or the information you receive from us? Then you, (or a legal representative or natural person authorized by you) can file a complaint orally or in writing.


You can choose to:
  • Submit the complaint directly to Handle with Care. An appropriate solution is offered if possible and necessary. If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, the complaint will be submitted to the care manager. If desired, clarification of the complaint will be requested.
  • If Handle with Care cannot handle the complaint satisfactorily, it will be submitted to the BO Birth Care complaints committee. This committee weighs up whether it will immediately deal with the complaint or accept a client’s request for mediation.
  • Upon receipt of your complaint, Handle with Care will contact you within a week and inform you of the further handling of your complaint.