Breast pumps

Al onze kraamverzorgende hebben de beschikking over een elektrische borstkolf waardoor er, indien nodig, direct gestart kan worden met kolven.

Breast pumps

Breastfeeding is the most natural way of feeding. It often goes by itself, but sometimes it takes some perseverance. All our maternity nurse have an electric breast pump, so that if necessary, you can immediately start pumping.

  • Separation between you and your baby
  • Your baby has not been effectively breastfeeding 12 to 24 hours after delivery
  • Your baby is (temporarily) unable to breastfeed
  • Om de borstvoeding op gang te brengen
  • Trim
  • Nipple fissures
  • Temporary drug use by the mother with contraindication to breastfeed.
  • Bottle feeding with breast milk

    If your baby has a good breast feeding technique after 4 weeks, you can teach him to drink from a bottle. If you are absent, for example, he can still drink breast milk in this way.

    Rent breast pump

    You can rent a breast pump through us. The costs for this are € 2.50 per day. You can call us as soon as you no longer need it. He will be picked up again by agreement.

    You must purchase a pump set yourself, based on hygiene regulations. The costs for this are € 37.50 (26 mm). In addition, the Ardo breast shell 36 mm / 31 mm (€ 7.95), Ardo insert shield 28 mm (€ 6.95) and Ardo insert shield 22 mm (€ 6.95) are available.


    We have the Ardo Carum breast pump, you can get the specifications can be found here.

    You can rent our flasks at the Groene Hart Hospital through the lactation consultant. Or at our office (Monday to Thursday between 8am and 4pm and Friday by appointment). You can also rent scales from us for € 1.00 per day. When collecting your breast pump, remember to bring your ID proof with you.

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