Maternity package

What is actually mandatory to have at home?

Maternity package

And then it is almost time… your due date is approaching. But what is actually required to have at home? Even if it is your intention to give birth on an outpatient basis.

One of the things that you must have at home 6 weeks in advance is the maternity package. This contains the medical devices that are needed during a delivery. But also for the care after delivery.

And why you should also have these even if you would like to give birth in the hospital? It can always go differently and yet you unexpectedly give birth at home. After all, the arrival of a baby cannot be determined.

What’s in the maternity package

Not all maternity packages are the same, but the products below are often included:

  • Maternity mattress
    This is used to protect your mattress during delivery.
  • Mattress protector
    It is wise to place the mattress protector a few weeks before your due date to place your mattress. So that you protect it in case your membranes break.
  • Underpads
    These are often used during your delivery as extra protection for your mattress. In addition, they are used in the care after your delivery.
  • Cotton wool
    Cotton wool is used for disinfection.
  • Bottle of alcohol
  • Sterile gauze pads
    Screens are necessary for any wound care for you or your baby.
  • Sterile belly button clamp
    The umbilical cord is clamped by means of the umbilical clamp.
  • Maternity bandage
    Especially in the first days after your delivery you still lose a lot of blood and fluid. Maternity bandage is extra large and thick sanitary napkin. Ordinary sanitary towels are often not enough. Sometimes there is also a net pant in the maternity package where you can put in the maternity bandage.
  • Hand gel
    This disinfectant soap is used to disinfect the hands of anyone who comes near your baby.
  • Clinical thermometer
    The often digital thermometer is used to measure the temperature of your baby.

Request maternity package through your health insurance

Your basic insurance does not cover the maternity package. For a large number of additional health insurance policies, the maternity package is reimbursed and your health insurer will send it automatically. You must then have notified your pregnancy in time. Preferably before the 5th month of your pregnancy. This is also necessary for maternity care.

Buy maternity package

If your maternity package is not reimbursed by your health insurer, you can often request it for a fee. But you can also buy the package at a drugstore, pharmacy or via the internet. The content and price can vary considerably. On average, a maternity package costs about 30 euros.

Remainder of your maternity package? Then take a look at the Baby Hope Foundation and donate.

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