How do you know if your little one is sleeping safely.


You are pregnant! Now the fun begins and nothing is more fun than decorating the nursery. But this may also raise questions, because how do you know if your little one is sleeping safely.

If you put your baby in bed then:

Your baby will sleep safest on his back. We also do not recommend letting your baby sleep on his side or stomach until he is strong enough to turn around quickly and easily. This is because your baby can lie against the mattress with his mouth or nose and therefore cannot breathe properly.

We also recommend letting your baby sleep on his back with “ventilating mattresses”. Because unfortunately these also do not guarantee that your baby can breathe properly.

When your baby is awake, it is good to put him on his stomach. You can do this in the box, for example. Make sure you always stay there. As soon as your baby can quickly and easily turn himself from his back to his stomach and back, he can also sleep on his side or stomach.

You may feel that your baby may choke if he is lying on his back. This risk is no greater when sleeping on his back than if he were sleeping on his or her back.

Should you be concerned that your baby will have a flat or crooked head from sleeping on his back? Our maternity nurse is happy to give you tips on how to prevent or solve this.

For example, you can lay his head differently while sleeping. One to the left and the other to the right. You can also alternate his posture during feeding. Because babies like to look at the light, you can also make the bed the other way around. As a result, the window is on the other side.

As soon as your baby is moving, a baby sleeping bag is the safest option. This is often faster than you think, namely after just a few weeks.

If your baby is in a good sleeping bag, extra bedding is not necessary. Would you like that? It is possible, but we do not recommend using a duvet for the first two years. This because it can be too hot. And if he gets his head under the duvet, he may have trouble breathing. It is best to make the bed with a sheet and blanket.

The advantages of a baby sleeping bag compared to bed linen:

  • when your baby is young, it is less likely to roll over to its tummy
  • your baby cannot get exposed and get cold as a result
  • your baby cannot get his head under the bedding
  • it is more difficult for your baby to climb out of bed
  • your baby stays nice and warm during feeding and you don’t have to put it back in a cold bed.

When buying the sleeping bag, make sure you have the right size. If the armholes or neck opening are too large, your baby can end up in the sleeping bag. There are already very small sizes for sale and also for every season.

Your baby will sleep safest in its own crib or cot. Even if it is sometimes difficult to let him sleep there. Because he falls asleep with you during feeding. Or because he keeps crying and only calms down when he’s in bed with you. But even in these situations it is not a safe place for your baby to sleep with you. Try to avoid this, especially if your baby is under four months old.

There are several reasons why it is better that your baby does not sleep in your bed. Your baby may get trapped between the mattresses, fall out of the bed, get too hot from the duvet or press his face against a pillow which prevents him from breathing properly.

You can solve this by placing a bed close to your own bed for the first six months. A crib or co-sleeper is also a good solution.

A cuddly toy is so cozy in the baby cot but is not safe when your baby goes to sleep. Just like side cushions, head protectors and baby nests, this can prevent your baby from breathing properly if he comes across this with his face.

As soon as your baby is awake, he can of course have a cuddly toy in his cot. Would you still like to give him something when he goes to sleep, a cuddle without filling or a cuddle cloth are a safe alternative.

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