What does the maternity nurse do?

First of all we want to tell you that maternity nurses are real heroines in healthcare! But we will also go into a bit more detail.

What does the maternity nurse do?

What does a maternity nurse do? The maternity nurse will guide you after the birth. This is very important, because everything comes at you after birth. The maternity nurse has all kinds of tips & tricks to get you ready for parenting! In addition, you can ask her anything, so that you are confident after the maternity period. This way she actually ensures the ideal start for your family.

Some of the things a maternity nurse does:

  • Check and report the health of you and your child on a daily basis
  • Provide advice and information about caring for yourself and your child
  • Help take care of the baby (e.g. change the diaper and bathe)
  • Support with home delivery
  • Ensure proper hygiene and advise on this
  • Support with breastfeeding
  • Make sure you take enough rest
  • Welcome any visit
  • Take up light household chores
  • Ensure a warm, educational and pleasant maternity time!

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